Cornerstones Of Understanding The Afterlife

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Cornerstones of Understanding

This study uses the Bible to answer these questions:

Basic Understandings of Immortality

If you understand the next four questions, you have a solid foundation to understand other topics related to the afterlife.

What is life?
What is death?
What is a soul?
Do humans have an immortal soul?

Angels, Demons and the power of darkness.

What is a ghost or a spirit?
What is an angel?
Can we talk to the dead?
What is a demon?
What power does Satan have over the dead?

God’s love is stronger than the grave.

What is heaven, who goes there and when?
What is hell who goes there and when?
When do humans receive immortality?
Why do humans receive immortality?

Based books by Clayton B Carlson.

  • This course can be used for group or individual bible study.
  • Duration of up to 4 weeks if completing one lesson per week.
  • Free eBooks that can be read online, downloaded or printed are included to be used as a resource
  • Paperback books can be purchased on Amazon if desired.

As Biblists, we regard the Bible to be the highest authority on what to believe about God. God has given his direction to us in this written form from a collection of books and letters passed down to us from apostles, prophets and patriarchs that were used as His instruments to write them. The Bible is the written word of God. It is not a collection of fables written by man.


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